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Workshop Description

Are you one of those people who has absolutely no idea what fish you are seeing underwater when you go diving? Maybe you are someone looking to expand your existing knowledge and learn some fun facts about the common fish families seen. Whatever it may be, be sure to check out this presentation aimed at introducing you to the various species of fish found around Nusa Penida.

In this workshop conducted by Georgina Hayes, our in-house Marine Biologist, you will get a general understanding of the different fish families that exist in the Nusa Penida area as well as learning a few key facts about each group. Firstly learn how to take photographs or draw a useful fish ID picture with the important characteristics to emphasise, then be introduced to several different methods of taking those images and identifying them. Find out more about Butterfly fish, angelfish, surgeonfish, anemonefish – to name a few – and become a fish master!

This workshop is intended for any divers or individuals who are interesting in learning more about how to identify fish and get more information about the fish in the Nusa Penida area. It provides a good base point to be able to identify fish on your own.

This workshop is part of our originally created series at Ceningan Divers. You can complete each module individually or as a part of our Marine Conservation Diver Certification Program.