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Workshop Description

Mangroves are one of the most important ecosystems in our world today but unfortunately are also one of the ecosystems most at risk. Find out what makes mangrove so special and understand the efforts it takes to conserve and regrow mangroves.

In this workshop conducted by Georgina Hayes, our in-house Marine Biologist, you will get a general understanding of the mangrove forests surrounding Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. First you will learn what mangrove actually is, how it is adapted to live in an coastal environment, the nature it supports, why mangroves are so useful for our environment, us as humans, the problems facing mangrove and our efforts here at Ceningan divers to replant mangrove using our mangrove nursery.

Towards the end of the workshop you will be taken on a virtual tour of our mangrove and the mangrove restoration project as well as be introduced to the seven things divers must do and seven things divers must not do provided by Green Fins to ensure your actions underwater and above water help reduce damage and conserve the reef and it’s fish for years to come.

This workshop is intended for any divers or individuals who know very little or nothing about mangrove environments and want to understand more about what mangroves provide for us and the ocean.

This workshop is part of our originally created series at Ceningan Divers. You can complete each module individually or as a part of our Marine Conservation Diver Certification Program.