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Workshop Description

Manta rays have always been a firm favourite for divers visiting the Nusa Penida area and for some people, watching the manta glide and dance gracefully over their heads is a bucket list experience. Learn more about these magical creatures and impress your fellow divers with your new knowledge!

In this workshop conducted by Georgina Hayes, our in-house Marine Biologist, you will get an overview of some key features about the two currently described species of manta ray; Mobula birostris (Giant oceanic manta) and the Mobula alfredi (Reef manta). Learn the differences between these two manta rays, their habitat, general anatomy, how they feed, cleaning stations, manta mating and information about the manta rays in the local area.

This workshop is intended for any divers or individuals who are interesting in learning more about marine creatures – specifically the different species of manta ray. If you are planning a dive vacation to an area where manta rays are found, such as Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida in Bali, this workshop teaches you how to interact correctly with the fish and is extremely useful in this respect.

This workshop is part of our originally created series at Ceningan Divers. You can complete each module individually or as a part of our Marine Conservation Diver Certification Program.