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Workshop Description

In this workshop conducted by Georgina Hayes, our in-house Marine Biologist, you will get an overview of some key features about the bumphead mola (Mola alexandrini) native to the waters of Bali and characteristics about the Mola genus as a whole. Learn about the different types of mola discovered, it’s general anatomy (both outside appearance and inside). Discover the unique way molas’ attain their food and the interesting connection between cold water and these giant fish.

As always, a heavy conservation message is placed on our presentations and as a result you will learn the correct way to interact with the bumphead sunfish as well as learn about some of the challenges the mola face in our oceans today. As part of the Green Fin’s Family, we also share the seven things divers must do and the seven things divers must not do when they are in the underwater world.

This workshop is intended for any divers or individuals who are interesting in learning more about marine creatures – specifically the mola. If you are planning a dive vacation to an area where mola (Sunfish) are found, such as Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida in Bali, this workshop teaches you how to interact correctly with the fish and is extremely useful in this respect.

This workshop is part of our originally created series at Ceningan Divers. You can complete each module individually or as a part of our Marine Conservation Diver Certification Program.