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Workshop Description

For those who love macro life, Nudibranch are an awesome find on a dive, but how much do you actually know about these colourful party slugs? If you are looking to “catch them all” or simply want to learn a little bit more about what a nudibranch actually is then this is the workshop for you.

In this workshop conducted by Georgina Hayes, our in-house Marine Biologist, you will get a general overview of nudibranch. You will learn that many people actually mislabel other sea slugs to be nudibranch, what those mislabelled sea slugs are actually called, facts about the nudibranch itself, it’s general body plan, gills, rhinophores, feeding habits and it’s mechanisms of defence. If you are looking to improve your nudibranch photography there are also a few tips included.

Here at Ceningan divers we place a heavy emphasis on conservation and as a result the presentation will be concluded with the seven things divers must do and the seven things divers must not do provided to us by Green Fins to help reduce our impact on the underwater world and preserve it for years to come.

This workshop is intended for any divers or individuals who would like to know more about nudibranch and get a greater understanding of the different parts of this colourful sea slug.

This workshop is part of our originally created series at Ceningan Divers. You can complete each module individually or as a part of our Marine Conservation Diver Certification Program.